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Free Contest: Guess the Game Score 2011-2012 Prize Winners!


Personal feelings aside, this was really fun to do -- and even I got nervous. I was pulling for some of the long shots out there but, alas, this contest isn't fixed. We're not the NBA draft. The laws of the universe fell mostly in place and all the Prize winners for the first ever SLC Dunk Guess the Game score were all within the Top 10 best probabilities to win. (Method to the maddness here)

Your Winners are:

Guess the Game Score 2011-12 Winners
Rank Name Twitter Total Points Probability to win
1 BC @bjcseven . 23 1st
2 jrclone . 21 2nd
3 tjm538 . 19 3d
4 Aaron Vessel @CocoDreamboat . 13 5th
5 Mexican Jazz Fan @MexicanJazzFan . 11 7th

Congrats to you guys. You pretty much all played in each of the 20 contests we had this year, and that seems to be the best way to win -- TO PLAY!

Thank you to everyone who entered, this was a lot of fun for me too, and without you SLC Dunkers this website would suck.

Winners -- please e-mail me your addresses (or just to say hi) so I can mail you out your prizes! Also, seriously Diana, let's see some hustle out there next season. If I'm going to rig this for you, then you gotta win a bit more! Why don't you know everything about everything?