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FanPost about . . . #1 Winner: @UtahJazzTime and his SPAT Analysis

Hey guys, thanks for all the awesome entries for the first "FanPost about . . . " contest. There were only two notices about this (here and here). I think you guys are really good at this, and I am encouraged by how fun to read these were. And I want to see more for next week! The question for this week was essentially "Earl Watson or Jamaal Tinsley". And I left it up to you smart guys to structure it in any way you wanted. Some of you guys went with good research, others with detailed analysis, and so forth. It was a good mix of approaches.

Anyway, here were the entries for this contest:

Entry Title Author Date
1 Earl vs Jamaal: A SPAT Analysis Stockton2Malone May 29 9:34 PM
2 Watson or Tinsley Aaron Vessel May 29 11:36 PM
3 Watson vs Tinsley jazzyman Jun 1 8:02 PM
4 "Competing" with Watson/Tinsley PunnyUte Jun 1 8:02 PM

And yes, I am giving the win to Stockton2Malone / @UtahJazzTime for his SPAT analysis. I thought it was fun to read, and while his final conclusion was against my own notion, I could not deny his approach. To be honest, when I got to the second line of the Poem for Jamaal it was almost all but over.

Yo I'm Jamaal!

I go shopping at the mall!

-Jamaal's Poem, Stockton2Malone, lines 1 and 2

And when I got to the third line of Jamaal's poem it was over.

For clothes!

-Jamaal's Poem, Stockton2Malone, line 3


Jokes aside, I liked all the different stuff Stockton2Malone brought to that post. That's not to say that everyone didn't do a great job. Each of the entries had something in it that was good enough to win it. These were better than some of the lab reports I had to grade as a TA back in college. So thank you everyone! Check out all four again if you had previously miss them!