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Stop The Hammer Time - The Downbeat #767


First off, I need to do a little venting. Not that I have any vested interest in any of the teams currently left in the NBA Playoffs, but when I see what is happening in the Eastern Conference Finals, I can't help but think back to the '98 Finals. I see the Heat struggling and I wonder, what would it have taken for Malone, Stockton, or Hornacek to sit out of the playoffs for almost a month with a "strained abdomen"? I think the answer is probably just short of a severed limb. I don't know if there are any "real" Heat fans out there (I'm sure there are) but I would be calling for Bosh's head right now. For all the talk of winning a hundred rings, each one of their stars has lacked commitment in one form or another when it comes to actually following through on it. Pretty frustrating from a Heat fan's perspective.

Recently, I started a new job at a shop that sells custom suits for men. I've been interested in men's style for a few years now and have been on a sort of personal journey to start dressing like a grown up. It happens when you hit 30. You start to feel like its time to ditch the Southern California skater kid look and find something more age appropriate. I did a lot of reading about classic style and what looks good and the number one answer is always "fit". If you wear something that fits you properly you will look good most of the time.

This leads to the next topic: for all the talk and even mockery of the Heat and Thunder player's dress during the post game pressers, I have to say that they look much better than stars of the past. At least their clothes fit properly. Think back to the early 2000's "thuggish" years of Iverson, et al. That was pretty horrendous. So I say BZ to these guys for taking their style into their own hands and wearing what they like and looking good.

Which leads to the last point of this topic: Who will help Coach Ty? Moni and I conversed frequently about how awful Coach Ty's suits fit. He actually does a very nice job of picking the color of his suits and coordinating his tie's and pocket squares. He even wears nice shoes, but wow are those suits enormous. The jackets are all right, but those pants are throwbacks from the early 90's. He is hitting M.C. Hammer parachute pants levels.

So who is the best dressed on the Jazz? They don't do all that well. Don't say Raja, either. His suits are pretty good, but he also wears some pretty heinous, faddish stuff. I actually think its Millsap. He does a pretty good job of wearing stuff that fits well, but is pretty classicly stylish. Who 's your pick?

There has been some mention of it here at SLC Dunk, and there will surely be other reminders, but if you haven't heard, there is a new Dream Team documentary that will air on NBA TV in exactly one week from today. I am VERY excited to see this, and you should be too. There is supposed to be some very rare footage of the team, but I am especially giddy about the news that some of this footage is from their super secret practices before the games. Supposedly these were some of the most intense practices you will ever see. Think about it, the chance to see The Mailman against Sir Charles, in an intimate setting. Stockton against Magic. The Glide vs. Air Jordan. Goosebumps. Here's the trailer:


*Spoiler Alert* There's a part in the trailer above where they talk about the "college kids" brought in to play against the Dream Team and this would be today's equivalent of Team USA Men's Select Team, which features the up and coming players of the league against the Olympic team. I can't wait to see the news and video that comes out of these practices with our very own Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors involved. Yes, they will miss the chance to dominate Summer League with their teammates, but this particular experience will be invaluable. They start practice on July 5th, then begin with the National team on July 6th.

I haven't had the chance, or desire really, to listen to the "New Home of The Utah Jazz" since the move to 1280am, so I wanted to hear all of your feedback about it. I find it extremely odd that the Jazz are going out of their way to control all of the Sports Talk radio in the state. Who do you like? Who do you dislike? Who are you "meh" towards? Is there any reason to listen until Summer League starts?