Problems in keeping Al and Millsap

I think if you are just looking at next year keeping Al and Millsap makes a little more sense but even if you discount trying to give minutes to our young guys I still think there are other problems. The possible scenarios that I see are that we will lose one or both of them next year for nothing or wast a second round pick and do a sign and trade a la Boozer trade. Re-sign both of them which will probably cost over 20-25 million than in the next years we lose some of are young talent because of the cap space. The last and least likely they break with tradition and go way over the luxury tax and basically just grow this team.

If your good at losing one of them for nothing after next season I guess there is no problem.

If you like the Boozer trade way lets review those trades. The trades where actually more like a second round pick and Boozer to Chicago a first round pick to Minnesota for Al Jefferson. Not what I would call a great trade but better than nothing I guess. I think we can get better trades than this now.

If you re-sign both of them next year even at their current levels it would put them over 20 million just to keep both of them. Than the next year or two after that when we actually want to extend Favors and Haywood we wont have enough money to make it worth their while so they go to free agency. I think Favors will probably be able to sign some place for easily 10 mill him self and Haywood probably easily get 8 million pushing 40 million with four people. Than keeping Kanter and Burks becomes harder I don't think Kanter would get enough playing time to ask for to much but Burks should be asking for a good bit of a raise.

Am I wrong in my analysis?

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