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Important Programming Notice:


Get use to seeing this a lot if you search the archives

Hey everyone, I think we (myself included) have gotten a bit too cavalier in terms of posting images that we do not have the legal rights to use. You know, because we have so many Jazz images to use. That's not the point. The point is that we want to do our best here at SLC Dunk, and we are team players. It doesn't matter if we upped the PPD from 2 to above 4 in the span of a few months. We ARE team players and we will play by the rules. This means me, the rest of the writers here, and also the rest of us. No more copy written images in stories, fanposts, and game threads.

Sorry everyone,

This is an edict and a rule that we have to abide by,

And I am now going to go through all of the posts in the archive, and remove the images we can't use. Sorry for letting you down.