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The Mini-Enes Edition - The Downbeat - #769

Indiana Layden and the Sports Arena of Doom, starring Frank Layden (via KSL):

In case you don't recognize him due to the hair, absence of glasses, and most especially the pornstache, the guy squatting over Layden at the end of the video is none other than Scott Layden.

I wish the Jazz still did stuff like this. What movie spoof-ad would you have Tyrone Corbin starring in?

Over the past few weeks, Andy has polled our lil community on preferences on Jazz merchandise and marketing slogans. What about color scheme? I know some (younger) fans view the purple mountain majesty theme as a monstrosity, but that at least had character. To me, those navy/baby blue years were the absolute worst. The scheme had no personality whatsoever, and could've belonged to Any Team, Anywhere, USA. If it were up to you, what color scheme would you like to see the Jazz representing?

Semi-related question: The Jazz in Utah Stars throwbacks for a few games a year. Yay or nay? Here are some of the uniforms the Stars wore (scroll to the bottom). I'd especially be all over that one with the curving stripe (last one in the first row, first one in the second row).

While appearing on KALL yesterday, Gordon Chiesa gave his baker's dozen list of best NBA careers for foreign-born players:

13. Drazen Petrovic
12. Rik Smits
11. Vlade Divac ("led the NBA in smoking and flopping")
10. Detlef Schrempf
9. Dikembe Mutombo
8. Arvydas Sabonis
7. Manu Ginobili
6. Tony Parker
5. Pau Gasol
4. Yao Ming
3. Steve Nash
2. Dirk Nowitzki
1. Hakeem Olajuwon

How does Chiesa's list stack up against yours? Give your top five (unless you're really bored, in which case give any number you want).

Tyrone Corbin appeared on the Jim Rome Show before Game 3 of the Miami-Boston series. The conversation had virtually nothing to do with the Jazz and was mainly about the Playoffs, but I found Corbin's comments on Chris Bosh's return pretty interesting:

Corbin: Well, he'll be a little rusty and the guys have gotten used to playing without him for a little while, but they need him in there because of his size, his versatility on the offensive end.

Q: If you're Erik Spoelstra, do you start Bosh or bring him off the bench?

Corbin: Well, you have to start him. I mean, he's been a starter for you the entire time he's been there. Although he's been hurt...he's a large part of why they're successful.

I think this gives a little glimpse into Corbin's coaching psyche. He could very well be talking about Josh Howard in the above quotes (as we now know, Corbin was the main advocate for signing Jazz's Josh Howard before the season began), and it gives a little insight into why he opted to start Josh Howard in the Playoffs even though he had been out a month (Bosh was out for three weeks).

Enes Kanter's younger brother, Kerem, is a 6'8" power forward (class of 2014) playing for the AAU team New England Playaz. If you watch the mixtape below, you'll see mucho similiarities between Enes and Kerem's games, from the post moves to the "Care Bear volleyballing a cloud" shot.