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NBA Draft 2012: Pre-draft combine numbers are nice, but what you do in the NBA means more

In the last post we looked at the pre-draft combine values for our players. Who you are right out of college (or high school) is not who you are in your 2nd, 5th, or 10th year in the league. You age, you get injured, you learn more about the game -- and your body changes. This can be in a positive way or a negative way. It's different for each player. But the one unifying idea is that each player DOES change. After all, Jamaal Tinsley no longer has a 37" vertical. Combine numbers help you get drafted. But it's what you do in the NBA to prepare, train, rehab, and improve your body that keeps you in the NBA. The Utah Jazz have a good relationship with P3. Duh. What is P3? P3 is a private organization that uses advanced training techniques to focus repeated activity that replicates actually necessary expressed behaviors. Essentially: they train you to do things in game, through directed work outside of the game that's harder than the game.

Right now Alec Burks and Enes Kanter are both there. Most Jazz players have been there over the last few years. Al Jefferson was there last off-season and invited Derrick Favors to join. Jeremy Evans and bff Gordon Hayward usually go there together as well. What does P3 do for a player? What does a player do at P3? Well . . . videos ahoy!

Big Al doing Box Jumps (Summer 2011):

Keep in mind, when he's doing this he's like 270 lbs. Also keep his performance in mind when looking at Jeremy when he does his.


Alec Burks doing a range of activities (Summer 2012):

Love his body control, I expect way more offensive rebounds next year!


Jeremy Evans and Gordon Hayward doing work (Summer 2011):

Evans is a freak of nature...... but he CLEARLY also works very hard on getting better.


Like I said -- predraft stuff is nice, but these are all pros doing this in their off-season. I think it is important. We'll see the results of these exercises on the court. Also, you all can't understand how much this stuff makes me drool in my line of work.