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Quick Poll: Who should start at shooting guard?

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We saw Alec Burks finish barely into double digits in a foul hampered game, and then saw him torch a bunch of no bodies for 30 plus the next night. We've seen him play hard against the defending champs the Dallas Mavericks in their gym in the fourth quarter. And we've seen him get DNP-CD's last year.

In my Myck Kabongo fueled fantasies I always had Burks as our two of the future. And that future was supposed to start as soon as we found a way to remove Raja Bell from the Utah Jazz equation. Getting Marvin Williams may suggest some in our front office wish to put Gordon Hayward at the two. We had a spirited back and forth on this subject as well on the site last month.

But looking at the roster now, who do you want to start at the two?