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The Downbeat #797 - NBA Offseason Odds and Ends, a Lesson in Corporate Finance, and a Case of Mistaken Identity

First, some big Jazz related news: The Jazz have announced their new D-League affiliate is the Reno Bighorns. This, of course, means absolutely nothing. I mean, I guess the Jazz COULD send Kevin Murphy to play there, if they sign him (they most likely will). Other than that, it doesn't really change anything. KOC has shown that when they decide to call up a player, it will be the best player at the position they need or someone that fills a specific need. This is also the first year, under the new CBA, that players can be sent to the D-League in their first THREE years in the NBA.

The Jazz had to find a new team when the Stampede of Idaho signed a partnership deal with the Trailblazers. Yes, the Blazers are even going after our D-League affiliations. The Jazz will share their association to the Bighorns with Memphis and Sacramento. I'm not trying to start any fires here, but it will be interesting to see if Jimmer ends up doing a little time in Reno this year now that the Kings have picked up Aaron Brooks.

Some good and/or interesting news on the coaching front: Moni can breathe doubly easy now as Coach Sloan withdrew from the Blazers job and Coach Hornacek is no longer in the running for the Magic job. I think if Coach Sloan would have taken his talents to Portland, it would have devastated poor Moni. As for Coach Hornacek, I don't think there was really a serious contender for the job. More like when Coach Corbin interviewed for all those jobs when he was under Coach Sloan the past several years.

As Amar told us yesterday, the amnesty deadline was last night. Here is a list of players that have been amnestied this offseason:

Elton Brand: 76ers - Claimed by Mavericks

Ryan Gomes: Clippers

Brendan Haywood: Mavericks

Chris Anderson: Nuggets

Luis Scola: Rockets - Claimed by Suns

Josh Childress: Suns

Darko Milicic: Timberwolves

Andray Blatche: Wizards

As you can see, and as was predicted, the Jazz did not use their amnesty right this year.

I'm curious what all you Dunkers think about the Jeremy Lin contract? Right now i'm taking a Corporate Finance class so I got to thinking about the Time Value of this contract. The deal is 3 years, $25 mil, with the last year having a kicker that pays $15 million. That means in years one and two he gets $5 million a piece.

If we figure cash flows for those three years, at a modest return rate of 7%, the present value of that contract is only about $21.3 million. If the Knicks think about it that way do they match? My guess is that the merchandising money that will come from Lin factored heavily with the Rockets. They have signed big deals with Chinese shoe companies in the past and maintain a large following in that country. Yes, I know that Lin is of Taiwanese descent. That just means that many more Taiwanese fans for the Rockets.

This is interesting. Lets do the same thing with the ridiculous Kris Humphries deal: two years at $12 mil a piece, 7% return, means his is worth $21.7 million right now. Yep, still absurd.

Just to see how this works, lets look at the front loaded Paul Millsap contract, as perpetrated by the Blazers: $5.6 mil up front, $4.7 mil the day the contract goes into effect, the remaining 1.6 million over the first year, then $6.7 a year for the remaining 3 years. Again at 7%, would make the contract worth $28.2 million at the time of signing.

Finally, a word of advice: Don't take Corporate Finance during a summer semester.

I thought this was quite funny:


This is a screenshot taken from here. You will notice that is NOT 2012 NBA Slam Dunk Champion Jeremy Evans. NBA nerd quiz: Who is the picture of and who did he play for last year?