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Do NBA Referees make a difference?

As sports fans it is not just our right but also our duty to -- at times -- go a little nuts about Referees and the calls Referees make. Also, we should also appreciate how hard it is to do their job and celebrate them when they make the 'right call'. I think the use of video replay greatly assists in this task at the end of games. Some people are upset with how long this takes, and how it interrupts the play. It does interrupt the play but at the benefit to the game. Maybe I'm the crazy one here, but I'd rather see the right call made, and the team that deserves the ball get it; than some other result where justice is not served.

Gun to my head, even if that means something bad for my beloved Utah Jazz. I do understand that sometimes we have calls go our way too - and I attempt to keep a running tally within a game of the net referee influence (either positive for one side, or neutral). Some times we get the short end of the stick, other times we come out ahead.

The biggest gripe we have, collectively as a fan base, is for what happened in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. On that big a stage the whole Ron Harper late shot / Howard Eisley not allowed, valid, three pointer hurts. But who knows what those two changes would have wrought? (Butterfly effect, the theory, not the bad movie)

Do NBA Referees make a difference in wins and losses?