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Cool, innovative Jazz Merch (T-Shirts) via Blonde Grizzly Gallery (via @Ananth_Pandian )

Do you like to show off your Utah Jazz fandom for everyone to see? Do you like not being naked? Check out these four shirts by the good people over at Blonde Grizzly Gallery - they feature: Jerry Sloan, John Stockton, Karl Malone, and a print of all three!

I'd put up an image of what their shirts look like, but a) we do not own the rights to do that; b) we do not have permission to use one of their images, and c) you should be going over to their site directly so you can buy their stuff!

[Note #1: This was found by amazing twitter bro, and BBALL writer @Ananth_Pandian -- you've probably read his stuff on a ton of websites, everything from Dimemag to the NBA !]

[Note #2: I do not have any contact w the Blonde Grizzly people, so this is not promoted in anyway. Just trying to make sure you guys all have enough Jazz gear and aren't shirtless.]