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Utah Jazz Roster: The Age Vs Beauty Index

Right now our roster is incomplete, but most of the pieces are already in place. I'm not sure if Murphy has been signed yet (2nd rounders are tricky), and we have not finalized our divorce from Raja Bell. Furthermore, we haven't officially "not" re-signed Josh Howard, C.J. Miles, nor Blake Ahearn yet. And we will not know till training camp if any of the dudes we worked out in the summer league are going to stick with us. We had a surprise like that a few seasons ago with Wesley Matthews. So, there is a level of uncertainty with our roster; however, there is a lot of stability still.

We know a few things about who we have. Some of them were lottery picks. Some of them were picked really late in the draft. Some of them have a lot of miles on their legs and were drafted pre-9/11. We also have a number of babies on the team as well. There appears to be a lot of diversity on our team in terms of age (how old you are), and also in terms of beauty (how highly regarded you were - like were you a lottery pick).

What does this look like? I'm glad you asked.


Click here to open it up all the way.

  • Beauty (draft position) goes from North to South
  • Age (oldest to youngest) goes from West to East

The majority of our beauty is young, and the majority of our veteran experience is from guys out of the lotto. While this is interesting, it's not ideal. It is almost like we have two different teams . . . and as a result, those two different blocks would have vastly different career goals at this time. Right? What do you think?