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The Whole Lot of Nothing Edition- The Downbeat #798

Well not much is going on in Jazzland. KOC made his moves early which is fine by me. But it does make July, August and September drag. If you are tired of refreshing twitter a thousand times a day and finding no news then spend your usual time spent on the Jazz taking this quiz

Its a quiz that has you guess all 82 starters under Jerry Sloan. Please post your scores in the comments section. What would be your all-time starting lineup made of Jerry Sloan starters?

PG- John Stockton

SG- Horny (followed very closely by Hayward)

SF- Andrei Kirilenko

PF- Karl Malone

C- Memo Okur

OK I guess this is more my favorite players at these positions than actual doing an Amar stat approach.

Alec Burks never played for Jerry Sloan but we love him anyways. Happy Birthday to Alec Burks on Friday. Alec doesn't tweet much but yesterday he was tweeting a lot about how excited he was for his birthday. Prodigy made a Burks highlight video:

Sometimes I just google Utah Jazz just to see what comes up. I did it on Amazon some interesting items came up, like a Jazz toaster, a Jazz gnome or a Deron Williams card you can get for 25 cents. This caught my attention:


Even Amazon doesn't care about the Jazz enough to check their merchandise. This is a legit reason to feel that absolutely no one cares about the Jazz ;)

So just another random thing. Devin Harris's brother tweeted out this photo

I like how Devin and Josh are advertised in their Jazz Jerseys. (I laugh that one that we've seen a lot has Howard in a headband) I just have always wondered, what are these sponsored events/parties? I am obviously not cool enough to go to anything like that? Anyone ever been? Anyone even know what they are like even if you haven't been to one. Hey @texas I'm assuming you know :)

One thing I've wondered about is why all Jazz news seems to be broken by national sources instead of local sources. Why is that?

Only news I can even think of being broken by a local "source" was PK breaking that the Jazz had traded for Marvin Williams. Who of the local media do you trust most for "breaking" stories?

The 1280 guys all talk like they are connected but I NEVER remember them breaking a story besides this last one with PK. Do they know or find out breaking news before other media and just can't share it?

Speaking of local media. What credentialized outlet do you like best, Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, 1280 The Zone, KALL 700, any other that I haven't mentioned?

So Dwight to the Lakers seems to be picking up steam. Let me tell you I will hate the NBA if Dwight ends up with the Lakers. A rant on twitter by UtahJazzTime (our Stockton2Malone) expresses my feelings perfectly about the Lakers/Dwight situation:



Why is is that the Lakers play by a different set of rules? Gasol trade anyone! (barf)