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Free Agency 2012: SB Nation's Tom Ziller Ranks this off-seasons crop of Free Agents

You may or may not know who Tom Ziller is (@TeamZiller). If you do know him you know he knows a whole lot about basketball. If you do not know him, know this: he knows a whole lot about basketball. If anything, he watches more basketball per week than any of us do. Anyway, a few days ago he ranked the top free agents for this year -- and divided them into groups: Superstar, Maxed Out, Living Legends, and then Everyone Else. I thought it would be interested to see where the Utah Jazz ' free agents ranked. For a point of comparison I've also included a bunch of other FAs as a frame of reference.

Category Rank Player Team Comment
Superstar 1 Deron Williams New Jersey Nets He's really good, but moving forward, Favors and Kanter = more wins
Maxed Out 2 Roy Hibbert Indiana Pacers Ziller states that if Indy doesn't give him a max deal someone else will.
Living Legends 5 Ray Allen Boston Celtics If three point shooters are so easy to get why do we have none?
Everyone Else 6 Ersan Ilyasova Milwaukee Bucks "ability to rebound like a monster and score efficiently." - T.Ziller
7 Gordan Dragic Houston Rockets Kinda wary about throwing money at a dude who was traded for Aaron Brooks
8 Nicolas Batum Portland Trail Blazers Could have been ours, but we drafted The Koof instead
14 George Hill Indiana Pacers I think he played for the pacers, right?
32 Kris Humphries New Jersey Nets "A rebounder who is otherwise completely non-notable." -T.Ziller
37 Gerald Green New Jersey Nets Was out of the league, and made some good strides last season
38 Daniel Green San Antonio Spurs Threes. Lots of Threes are made when he's open
45 Marco Belinelli New Orleans Hornets "The original Summer League Hall-of-Famer. Accept no substitutes." - T.Ziller
54 C.J. Miles Utah Jazz Highest ranked Utah Jazz free agent . . . Says a lot . . .
68 Josh Howard Utah Jazz There are only 7 guys lower on Ziller's list, and J-Ho started for us in playoffs

As always, you can read the full article over here. And for all of your most complete, and up to date Free Agency news, check out this page (which updates every few minutes!).