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Utah Jazz Summer League 2012 Schedule

No exclusive interview with #55 for you,
No exclusive interview with #55 for you,

Hey guys, I know you may be interested in something other than the NBA Draft and Free Agency, so here's the schedule for the Utah Jazz at the Orlando Summer League. This info isn't on the website yet, but I'm sure they were aware of the schedule. Just, you know, other stuff is happening right now in Jazz-land.

Orlando Summer League Schedule
Day Date Game Time Away Home
1 Mon July 9 3 3:00 PM . Utah Jazz @ Detroit Pistons
2 Tue July 10 1 11:00 AM . Philadelphia 76ers @ Utah Jazz
3 Wed July 11 4 5:00 PM . Utah Jazz @ Orlando Magic
4 Thur July 12 3 3:00 PM . Indiana Pacers @ Utah Jazz
5 Fri July 13 1 8:00 AM . Utah Jazz @ Oklahoma City Thunder
via: Not the website -- but hey, that makes sense as this isn't their show
as a result, they shouldn't have much say in who can and can not report on it, right?

If they didn't really have any free time there were some people who were willing to go down there on their own dime and give the fans some access and coverage. But it's not that important.This internet thing is only a fad anyway.