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[Insert Company Logo Here]


In the most recent Board of Governors meeting, it's looking like the NBA has approved the use of corporate ads on NBA uniforms starting the 2013-14 regular season (as reported by Scott Howard-Cooper). The sponsor logo won't be a massive European-style logo across the jersey, but instead, a small patch similar to the Christmas Day game or NBA Finals patches.

Honestly, I'm quite bummed about this because you know the saying: "A small corporate patch is a slippery slope to massive company themed jerseys" (or something like that). Who knows, this may be good for the NBA? I'm interested to hear what you guys think.

Since this change won't be happening until after next season, in the meanwhile us fans can imagine what it would be like. What kind of companies would be interested in sponsoring the Jazz? Maybe the companies will ask to sponsor only specific players?

For instant, I'm sure there'll be a huge legal dispute between Subway, Olive Garden, and Starcraft to fight for space on Gordon Hayward's jersey. Or maybe some adult-film industry will be wanting to advertise on Sexual Favors? The possibilities are endless!!!