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NBA Off-Season Transaction: A list of players joining the Western Conference. Who do you most fear?

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This is by no means a complete list, nor is it as up to date or official. It's just "the list" from the moves made, not all of this has been consummated yet. That said, it's the best list we have. So far there are (up to) 54 players switching to the Western Conference this off season. Some are scrubs, some are former All-Stars.

(This list is a billion people long -- thanks Houston and Portland! -- so to see it, check after the jump)

Who is joining the conference:

Guys joining the conference Guys joining the conference
Team Team
Player New OLD Condition Player New OLD Condition
Antawn Jamison LAL CLE Free Agent . Jeremy Lamb HOU NCAA Draft pick
Anthony Davis NOR NCAA Draft pick . Jeremy Lin HOU NYK Free Agent
Austin Rivers NOR NCAA Draft pick . Jerryd Bayless MEM TOR Free Agent
Bernard James DAL NCAA Draft pick . Joel Freeland POR INT'L Draft pick
Dahntay Jones DAL IND Trade . Jon Brockman HOU MIL Trade
Damian Lillard POR NCAA Draft pick . Kendall Marshall PHX NCAA Draft pick
Dan Gadzuric POR NYK Trade . Kevin Murphy UTA NCAA Draft pick
Darius Johnson-Odom LAL NCAA Draft pick . Kostas Papanikolaou POR NYK Trade
Darius Miller NOR NCAA Draft pick . Marvin Williams UTA ATL Trade
Darren Collison DAL IND Trade . Meyers Leonard POR NCAA Draft pick
Donatas Motiejunas HOU INT'L Draft pick . Ognjen Kuzmic GSW INT'L Draft pick
Draymond Green GSW NCAA Draft pick . Omer Asik HOU CHI Free Agent
Edin Bavcic NOR PHI Trade . Perry Jones III OKC NCAA Draft pick
Elton Brand DAL PHI Free Agent . Quincy Miller DEN NCAA Draft pick
E'Twaun Moore HOU BOS Trade . Robbie Hummel MIN NCAA Draft pick
Evan Fournier DEN INT'L Draft pick . Robert Sacre LAL NCAA Draft pick
Festus Ezeli GSW INT'L Draft pick . Royce White HOU NCAA Draft pick
Furkan Aldemir HOU INT'L Draft pick . Ryan Anderson NOR ORL Trade
Gary Forbes HOU TOR Trade . Ryan Hollins LAC BOS Free Agent
Giorgos Printezis POR NYK Trade . Sean Williams HOU BOS Trade
Harrison Barnes GSW NCAA Draft pick . Shaun Livingston HOU MIL Trade
Izzet Turkyilmaz DEN INT'L Draft pick . Terrence Jones HOU NCAA Draft pick
Jae Crowder DAL NCAA Draft pick . Thomas Robinson SAC NCAA Draft pick
JaJuan Johnson HOU BOS Trade . Toney Douglas HOU NYK Trade
James Johnson SAC TOR Trade . Tony Wroten MEM NCAA Draft pick
Jared Cunningham DAL NCAA Draft pick . Victor Claver POR INT'L Draft pick
Jared Jefferies POR NYK Trade . Will Barton POR NCAA Draft pick

I think that Davis is going to be a solid player, dangerous, but not a killer in his first year. (Durant was not either, but he became one as he got better) Jamison could be an interesting fit for the Lakers, if they ran the triangle. Did he not already play for Mike Brown before? Poor guy. If you are an offensive player and play for Mike Brown you have my sympathy. Lillard looks to be a start (probably will ad more wins to his team than the experience of being curb stomped by the Spurs tho). I have solid hopes for Marvin Williams.

Who do you fear the most?