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Quick Poll: What do you want to see more of, here, at YOUR SLC Dunk, in terms of Social Media?

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Hey all, we may be going through some changes here at the blog in the next few months. Some of those changes are so behind the scenes that you will not notice them at all. Some of the other changes will be things we at the blog have no control over. (You'll see a lot more 'new fans' come to the blog after our Jazz go on our 17 game win streak to start the season) One of the things we do have control over is how the blog works with and for the readers (you) in the whole "social media" realm. Are you a social media person? Are you on the book face, and the twitter, and the google +, and the FriendsterSpace? DO you want to see SLC Dunk more involved in those things? Do you want more exclusive content? Talk to us. We're here to listen.