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BBallRef / BBall Prospectus / ESPN's Neil Paine ranks the best EVER teams from the last 20 seasons. Guess which Jazz team does NOT make it?

First of all, Neil is a great guy and been a great help over the years. Secondly, wow, he's writing all over the place now! I love how statistics, previously only the realm of the pocket protector crowd, has gained so much utility and usage in casual conversation. After all, stats can't tell the whole story, but they are the cliff notes of what happens on the court.

Neil spent a lot of time grading the talent from each year in the league for the last two decades. It's a lot of work and needs to be recognized. In the last 21 years there have been 21 NBA Champions. Yet, our Utah Jazz - a team that has no championships - cracks the Top 20 list. We also crack the Top 40 list of the 40 best teams since 1992 till today. It just may surprise you as to which two teams numerically come out on tops for us.

It's also of note that the Jazz have never had a team to be in the pile of 40 worst teams. It's also compelling to note that our 2011-12 Jazz squad that appeared woefully under-prepared for the playoffs were not among the worst playoff teams in that span. On the flip side one of our Jazz teams was one of the best teams to miss the NBA Finals.

So, to see all the rankings check out the full link here, to his Basketball Prospectus post. Even if the numbers go over your head just seeing the rank of each of these teams can be elucidating.

Especially since the Jazz teams we THOUGHT were great might not be as great as we thought; while others we over looked actually played better . . .