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NBA Off-season: Hoopsworld's Alex Kennedy revises the available Free Agent lists, where do Jazz players rank? 's Alex Kennedy (@alexkennedyNBA) just revised the rankings of the currently available NBA Free agents, by position. Where do some of our favorite Jazz players and former Jazz players rank? Check out his full post here. Where do I think they will end up?

Free Agent PGs:
Player Rank Possible Destination?
Derek Fisher #2 Lakers, why not? They taking all the old guys
Sundiata Gaines #10 Some crappy Eastern Conference team?
Blake Ahearn #18 NBA Training Camp and then NBA DL
Free Agent SGs:
Player Rank Possible Destination?
Ronnie Brewer #2 Just signed with the New York Knicks today ....
Free Agent SFs:
Player Rank Possible Destination?
Andrei Kirilenko #1 Contender in nice weather city, or Russia
Josh Howard #3 NBA TV Studio Intern of Jamaal Mashburn
C.J. Miles #7 Waiting to see who Nets move for Dwight
Free Agent PFs:
Player Rank Possible Destination?
Francisco Elson #24 In Amsterdam right now, barely aware of NBA
Free Agent Cs:
Player Rank Possible Destination?
Mehmet Okur #5 Taking his talents to Dimes headquarters
Kyrylo Fesenko #8 Middle Tier NBA team that overvalues size

This is not an all-inclusive list (all-exhaustive? I don't know what word I'm looking for here . . . English be hard, homes.), but it's a good place to start to see where a lot of our Draft picks are in this stage of their careers. We drafted Ronnie B, AK, CJ, and traded for Fes on draft night. A few years later they are all looking for jobs. I guess this is food for thought.