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The Downbeat #802 - Team USA Update and a Few More Offseason Odds & Ends

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Yesterday afternoon the US Men's National Team spanked the team seen as their biggest threat, in the Spanish National Team. The Spanish team features Serge Ibaka, Pau Gasol, Jose Calderon, and Rudy Fernandez, but Team USA dispatched them easily, 100-78. The US team was led by none other than Carmelo Anthony and his 27 points. I have thought from the beginning that probably the two biggest keys to this team are going to be the guys you would hardly expect: Melo and Igoudala. Melo especially is the type of player that thrives in international ball. The rules sort of favor the guy that is willing to take that long range 2pt jumper, because it becomes a 3 pt shot in FIBA rules. Igoudala is important because his defense on less athletic guards and forwards- wings, can be stifling.

That makes US Team's record 5-0 in their exhibition "preseason", with big wins over Argentina and Spain. Their first Olympic game is against France at 7:30 am (MDT). Should be a fantastic game with the French team being lead by Tony Parker, Joakim Noah, and Nic Batum.

This was reported yesterday, but it looks like Ronnie Brewer is continuing his migration east. David Alrdridge reported that he was signed by the Knicks. This is actually a pretty good spot for him. He will most likely be competing with J.R. Smith for the starting spot, at first, then when Smith does what Smith does, which is something completely boneheaded, Ronnie B. will likely have a starting spot. Good for him, cause he's a great guy.

The next ex-Jazz related news comes from the Andrei Kirilenko department. It was reported yesterday that AK had decided against joining DWill in Brooklyn, and was being pursued by a couple of other teams. Now it is looking like AK could end up back in the Northwest Division, as he has been offered a very good contract from the Timberwolves. After clearing cap space by being involved in the 3-way deal with Phoenix and New Orleans, Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the T-Wolves were preparing a two year deal for AK, at about $9 mil per year. The trade with the Suns and Hornets also freed up playing time by sending Wesley "I'm not as good as Gordon Hayward" Johnson to the Suns.

Last Friday the news broke that the NBA Board of Governors will allow some company sponsorship logos on uniforms. Alec did this write-up to inform you Dunkers, but I wanted to touch on it a little bit. At first, I was a bit up in arms over the idea, but have since come to terms with it. Things have to change eventually, and this is just another step in what has been a couple of years of tremendous upheaval in Jazz-fandom. Ultimately, this will make the bigger market teams even MORE money, but hopefully this will 1. Allow small market teams to bolster their revenues, and 2. Lead to further revenue sharing as the hundreds of millions made by big market teams trickles down to the small market teams, because most of these owners believe in that sort of thing.

So, if you have to see logos on the Jazz uni's next season, who do you want to see? I'm hoping for Deseret Industries or some sort of modest clothing company. Put your suggestions in the comments. Best one gets an internet high-five, which are really the best kind of high-fives.