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Do svidaniya Andrei Kirilenko, you will be sorely missed by us

Not everyone is going to feel this way, but I'm really going to miss Andrei Kirilenko. When he played for us he did things no one else on our team could do. And he did a lot of things guys on our team could do as well. It's not like he was a hyper focused specialist like Kyle Korver who could make jumpers. It's not like he was a limited "do a bit of everything" guy either, like Matt Harpring. Andrei was an All-Star. That is something Big Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are not. And he was not an All-Star replacement player either, unlike Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur. Lots of people forget that. Or over look that.

I'll never forget him. He was awesome, and remains my 2nd favorite Utah Jazz player of all time. (He's not that high on most peoples' personal lists, I get it. I'm just different like that). While our coaches did not use him at his best, and yes he was over paid and got hurt a lot -- he always played hard for us the Jazz fans. And I'll always cheer for him when he's not facing us. His individual skill level was off the charts. Andrei was one of the most talented players we've ever had. A true weapon. Versatile, and capable on offense and defense. An AK-47 I'll surely miss.

The Minnesota Timberwolves fans will be happy with what they have. I'm sure Andrei will find some peace in the near-Siberian land he will call his home for the next two seasons.