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Happy Birthday DeMarre Carroll !!!


Today is a very special day, it is the birthday of hustle-team All-Star DeMarre Carroll. Today the Utah Jazz forward is 26 years old. The three year vet will be returning to the Jazz for training camp and has had a very exciting last few months. After being dropped by the Denver Nuggets, Carroll joined the Jazz and was signed for the rest of the season in '11-12. He ended up starting for the Jazz as we made our playoff push. The Jazz picked up an option for him for next season and I am glad they did.

He was one of the few bright spots for the Jazz in the playoffs, and I will for as long as I live, never forget his 4th quarter hustle in an elimination game. When some of our higher priced stars couldn't give a damn he did. And I will root for him for the rest of my life because of that. We're not making that fourth quarter comeback without DeMarre. And we're not going to be a tough team this upcoming season without him.

We're lucky he's going to be with us. A full training camp is only going to make him better. He's been spending time doing everything we wanted, from going to the summer league and also working with P3 about a week ago. Happy Birthday DeMarre. You made me a believer in the playoffs. Our team needs that hustle. You are Mr. Hustle.

And I wouldn't be surprised to see him make us all believers again, during the regular season.

Happy Birthday!