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Olympics 2012: USA Men's Basketball Schedule (inc Gold Medal Game)

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We haven't done a lot of Olympic stuff here at the site . . . after all . . . none of our players are in it this year (I miss you Andre Kirilenko), and it's hard to top thrilling Archery and Fencing finals . . .still . . .

Here is the entire schedule, with the assumption that the USA team wins every game they play.

2012 Olympics - GROUP A
July 29 . USA v France
July 31 . Tunisia v USA
Aug 2 . USA v Nigeria
Aug 4 . Lithuania v USA
Aug 6 . Argentina v USA
Aug 8 . A1 (USA) v B4
Aug 10 . B2 or A3 v A1 (USA)
Aug 12 . A1 (USA) v Team getting Silver

Go Olympics! Woo!