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Yahoo! Sports Marc J. Spears reports: Free Agent Josh Howard courted by five teams. The Jazz are one of them. Barf.

I just don't know what to say . . . there is so much cognitive dissonance being exhibited by our brain trust when it comes to some sacred cows on our team.

It makes me want to punch baby animals. Did we not go on an amazing win streak when we replaced his butt with a benchwarmer in the starting lineup? Was I the only one who saw that? He was so bad and selfish on the court that he was actually making us lose games? On offense, Josh Howard's win shares were -0.2. Only Blake Ahearn was worse, and he played 30 minutes all season. Josh played 991 minutes (aka: more than Alec Burks).

Did Kevin O'Connor just draft Kevin Murphy because he lost a bar bet? Doesn't he also play SG/SF but actually not suck? What about USA Select roster team member Gordon Hayward? He's good enough for the nation, but not enough for us at the three? Marvin Williams? Remember this guy? We traded a starter away for him. I'd rather play Paul Millsap's grandmother at the three (in my mind she's also 6'8 and 250 pounds) than Josh Howard.

I cannot be more clear about this.