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Jazz Off-Season 2012: Salary Review one week into Free Agency

No doubt you have heard the great news, the news that Jeremy Evans has been signed for non-minimum money. And for three years! Wow! Clark broke the story here. What does $5.5 million mean, per season, over the course of his 3 yr contract? Well, while the full details are as of yet unknown, the simple math means that each season he could be earning $1,833,333. I think that is pretty awesome, because if you remember from a month ago we held a few polls on Evans. I suggested that the Jazz signed Evans for four years at the full contract value of $6.58 million. Instead the Jazz went for three years at $5.50 million. My plan (which was a graded contract including a team option for the last year) would have netted the skinny forward $1,645,300 dollars on average. What is he actually getting? Well, on average, from this $5.5 million deal he'll be getting $1,833,333 dollars on average, per season. Most of us were in agreement that the Jazz would do well to lock Evans up for a bit, at a low rate, even if it is just for the short term. Most of us were also confident that Evans could one day become a rotation player, instead of a carnival side show.

How does Evans' new three year, $5.5 million contract affect the Jazz bottom line? Gotta click below to find out.

The current 2012-13 Utah Jazz Roster Salary:

The Jazz, honestly, have no space now to really add anyone, aside from the exception. Here, take a look for yourself!


(Yes, I'm a visual person, hence all the different colors)


  • Kevin Murphy's 2nd round, Pick #47 contract is an estimation based upon the contract length and value of the 2011 NBA Draft pick #47, Los Angeles Clippers Travis Leslie. He has not been signed yet, but I think the Jazz *will* sign him.
  • Blake Ahearn is not signed, but he will be playing on our Orlando Summer League team. I do expect him to be offered a invitation to join us in training camp; however, it will be hard to make the team if everyone is healthy. I have not included him in any of the contract summations, however I am showing his Qualifying Offer salary value up above (over $1m).
  • Josh Howard and C.J. Miles are not with the team, but they are also *not* not with the team either. We don't know. We do know that we are kinda fully at SF right now with Gordon Hayward, Marvin Williams, DeMarre Carroll, Kevin Murphy (presumably) all capable of playing there -- you know, and that Paul Millsap dude as well. And we also still don't have any money.
  • Btw, we're over the cap again. We were last year (2011-12) and we are this year too (2012-13)

Cap Situation:


We are +10.84% over, which is $6.29 million over the cap. The Jazz were only +0.42% over last year (mainly because of our injuries we had to end up going to a full 15 man roster). This is a big jump, and we can point fingers at a few players. Primarily there's the fact that we have four lotto picks on the team, who are cheap-ish now, but lotto picks rookie contracts are still way higher than the 2nd rounders we're used to drafting. Those four guys will cost the Jazz a combined $13.9 million THIS SEASON. (Lotto rookie contracts add up) The next big chunk seems to be Al Jeffersons' crazy $15 million expiring deal (imagine how big his contract would be if he could defend the pick and roll?). Then we have three players in the $8 million plus range (Paul Millsap, Mo Williams, and Marvin Williams). Most reasonably, if the Jazz are going to try to get under the cap this off-season it's not going to be by moving one of these most expensive 8 players. It will be trying to cut some money from the guys like Raja Bell (who is set to make $3.48m this year, which is more than half the value we need to shed).

All that said, if the Jazz were a company, their budget for bigs seems to be disproportionately high. (I guess our bigs are our best players . . . but sheesh!)



PG's went down, we added Marvin, and our bigs are still getting the biggest piece of the pie.


Just to point things out, our bigs are only 5 guys: Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, and Jeremy Evans. The shocking thing is that 5/14 = 35.7%. So? Our bigs get the most money. Our offense runs in a similar way where our bigs get the most shots. Not so crazy. Well, more precisely, not so equal (even in the same group), as Big Al will make 8 times as much as Jeremy. But that's also normal, as Big Al is right now, probably, 8 times the basketball player. He also probably eats 8 times as much per day.


Oh, by the way:

This is pretty much our team for next season. Unless, of course, Kevin O'Connor continues to do crazy things. (I didn't think he'd give Jeremy a real contract, and bring back Jamaal and DeMarre both, and make TWO TRADES in short order.) So, I guess what I'm saying is that this is our roster, until more moves happen. And that we're $6.29 million over the cap right now.