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Deron's Few Thoughts About the Jazz

Last week Deron made his decision to resign with the Brooklyn Nets. I think most Jazz fans were interested in that decision. All of us have different feeling towards that surly all-star point guard. While most of his time in Utah was marked with success and good times there was a sad ending. While none of us were privileged to be in the locker room at half-time of that now infamous February night we tend to all have a say in what happened that night and the events that lead up to that night.

As far as I know the media was not allowed in the locker room during half-time when Sloan was talking to the team. I also know media was not allowed in practices. Even now the part of practice that the media is allowed to watch is just stretches and not much more. We read in the paper and we read on Twitter what people said happened between Deron and the Jazz throughout the years especially the last two seasons or so. I think we have to take everything with a grain of salt, knowing how private the Jazz are.

Me and Deron at the Dodge Barrage ( I LOVED LOVED LOVED Deron)

me with Greg, see how happy I was. I just want to show I love players and management :)

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated published an article yesterday about Deron and his decision. There were a few tidbits about the Jazz that I found interesting.


I do wonder why he chose to comment on his relationships in Utah when they were just asking about the Nets.

Then this:


The part that stands out to me

Just because when I was with the Jazz my first couple of years, I felt like when we got on the court we were going to win. Sometimes we didn't, and sometimes we came out and laid eggs, but then other times we played great and won.

Did Deron really feel after the first couple of years they didn't have a chance at winning?

I don't want us to rehash everything once again. I really like Deron (though the last season he broke my heart) and I LOVE the Jazz. I know different teams have different business models. I know Sloan and KOC aren't out to be best friends with players.

I do know that players did get close to Sloan and Larry so it is possible with the Jazz. I do wonder if we need to change our stance a little bit with star players if we want the Fabulous Four to stay past their first contracts (not rookie). I will never understand selling the farm for one player, and I will never want the "inmates to run the asylum" but I do get attached to players and don't want to have to keep getting to close to new ones every five years or so.