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The Utah Jazz Olympic Edition - The Downbeat - #807

Did you know that there's this Olympics thing going on right now? Yeah, it's not just a Winter thing either now. Who knew? Well, previously we said that in the Olympic basketball world that Karl Malone was the third best player on the 1992 dream team, and that Andrei Kirilenko's father in law was pretty good too. Well, on the Tunisian team we have our Orlando Summer League bigman of mystery doing his thing this year in London. Last night Salah Mejri threw it down against the USA.

You may also remember that he did this kind of thing back in the Orlando Summer league as a member of our squad as well. Cool stuff.

The Olympics ARE a big deal - and they would be for our team as well if one of our players actually made it onto the USA squad. I think if the youth develops at a rate that usual lottery picks develop at some of our players will have a chance. The obvious picks are Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward. The USA always could use a few more bigmen who can bang. And a lot of the younger PGs are shoot first, and Hayward is a great point forward (who also plays defense and is surprisingly athletic). My dark horse would be Alec Burks though -- in the next 4 to 8 years guys like Kobe Bryant are going to be phased out. And the team will need some guy to come in, draw fouls, and be decisive while everyone else is too pass happy. Burks fits that bill. You'll see what I mean during the Rookie / Sophomore game this season. Burks will shine there. (Note: That game to be played on Friday, February the 15th, 2013.... mark your calendars!) [Ed note. Damn Mayans....]

You probably have heard the news . . . free agent wing player C.J. Miles, unlike Josh Howard, may be close to signing with another team. The teen drafted by the Utah Jazz in the second round may be moving to Hollywood to be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

I wish him the best, and in the next few days expect to see more information on this subject, and a deconstruction on Miles as a Jazz player. He was much maligned, but should also be much celebrated as well.

If you have not seen it yet, go to Moni's site right now . . . . here's the link. Thank me later. Or after your therapist says it's safe to get back on the internet again. I'd be lying if I said I didn't look at that for 87 straight seconds. Try to beat my high score!

Which of our younger dudes do you think has the best chance to make it to the Olympics next?