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Jazz Derrick Favors reveals plans to work with Karl Malone amongst other goodies from twitter Q and A with Fans!

Earlier today Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors (with the help of Matt Sanchez @_MattSanchez) "took over" the Utah Jazz Official Twitter account and had an extended Question and Answer session with fans. Lucky Jazz fans got some classic "That's so Derrick..." type of answers. Derrick talked about what he sees for the Jazz future; where he thinks he can be as a player in a few seasons; the differences between New Jersey and Utah; the Olympics; movies and music; his pre-game ritual of eating at Subway; his 39" vertical jump; and if he likes chocolate milk or not.

All in all it was a fun morning and Billy Lea (@BillyLea) uploaded the full transcript here. Great work guys.

And remember . . .


Check out the full transcript! Go! Now! So many awesome answers to answer questions! (None of which are not good things, and/or boring.)