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The Josh Howard's Leg and Legs Edition - The Downbeat - #814

It has been reported in recent days that the Jazz are talking with Josh Howard about re-signing. @chang_max, however, broke the news on Twitter a full day before the local media. His source was his 11-year-old niece, who messaged Max on Facebook when Josh showed up at her parents' restaurant in Santa Barbara while he was working out at P3.

So there's your human interest story for the day.

Since then, KOC has confirmed the reports, saying, "We're continuing to talk to Josh. It really depends physically on how his leg and legs are doing."

Pornstache Scott Layden, with prettily groomed eyebrows and oddly Stockton-like eyes circa 1986, via @spidergraphics.

Pornstache Scott Layden was previously featured in this Downbeat two months ago.

On the day Dennis Lindsey was introduced by the Jazz, David Locke asked him (kind of in a hypothetical sense) if you have a player that is used to playing in an iso system and you have a structured system, how you'd figure out whether he fits.

Lindsey's response, which may be of interest to some around here (though he doesn't necessarily answer the question, which I'd be really interested in hearing):

The league is about individual merit at every level, from an intern to the greatest player in the league and everything in between, but it's about individual merit in a team environment. So what you can bring to the team. And so, inside five-man basketball, there's isolation plays all the time. You'll see a great player like Al Jefferson post up, and he gets the defense to rotate, and he swings out, and you'll see someone like Gordon Hayward on the weak side catch it, pull through, and go to the rim. That's one form of an isolation; it's just inside of five-man basketball.

So having players that can break down the defense is very important...One-on-one play is important to get defenses to shift, and then it's not "my shot." What we like to say is, this is a trigger man to create a situation, and he's got to quickly decide, do I pass it? Do I dribble it? Do I shoot it? And be a trigger man for the good of the team. And if that's inside of a pick and roll, post up, a pull through isolation, then so be it...You're going to have to determine that player's ability to learn to incorporate himself into a new system, and in this case Ty and the coaches' system that has been tried and true, and fit.

Lindsey also said several times during the day that the [current] Jazz have an "identifiable" style of play. Would you agree with this, and how would you describe the Jazz's style?

We've had a bunch of Jazzy updates from P3 over the past week.

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