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Jazzlandia and the New King

Derrick Sexual Favors showing why he can bring a championship to the new king.
Derrick Sexual Favors showing why he can bring a championship to the new king.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful land. In this land there were majestic mountains, crystal blue lakes and an immensely popular basketball team.

The basketball team was the pride and joy of the land. Everyone loved the team, it didn't matter if you were part of the royal family or if you were a stable boy. The team meant everything to everyone.

The King of the land loved his team, he saved the team from the pesky wolves of Minnesota, gave it a home and treated the players like they were his own sons.

The King for generations kept the team the same, there was something peaceful about having consistent success. Villagers united around the team even if they were "vicious" and had nothing better to do in their quiet kingdom.

After twenty years of reign, the beloved king experienced an early death. His untimely death caused quite the frenzy in the land. There was to be a new king, but no one knew much about the former prince, he was quiet, composed and had to live in the shadow of his father, the King.

At first things seemed no different under the new king. Players were treated the same, the coach was the same and there seemed to be that same peaceful consistency that had existed for generations.

BAM, just like that things changed, the new King, wasn't as boisterous or outspoken as his father, which the villagers mistook for lack of interest in the team, players didn't stay with the team as long as they used to and *gulp* the coach of over twenty years resigned.

Doing things differently caused a stir in the village, villagers began to question whether their new king's goal was a championship. Fights broke out in the village sending 140 character notes to each other about what the goal of the new king was, was it a championship?

The old king saw a lot of success but never the ultimate prize of a championship, maybe his way wasn't the way to achieve that goal. The new king able to learn from his father tried to do things differently, it maybe wasn't as peaceful or consistent but success still followed the team and perhaps his new methods will give the kingdom their championship.

Post Script: There was a crazy law in the land were people under twenty one were unable to dunk cookies in milk.