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The Second Best Duo in Jazz History Edition - The Downbeat - #819

1a_medium David Locke's Aug. 15 Tip-Off had several interesting talking points. First, on Derrick Favors (not exact transcription, but true to what he says):

There was no question that everyone, including Tyrone Corbin, would have liked to see Derrick Favors play more minutes last year. However, those that criticize Corbin about Favors' actual minutes should be reminded of some "facts":

1) Corbin, in his first full year as a coach, started Favors to open the year and put Millsap on the bench. "Pretty gutsy, controversial move." Favors wasn't ready, and the team was a mess and lost the first two games by 30.

2) Ty then switched back to Millsap to start--Favors was getting into foul trouble and screwing up the rotation anyway--and Millsap was great. Remember, he was almost an All-Star.

3) Halfway through the season, Favors had progressed. [obligatory mention of 1) lockout; 2) no practice] Favors deserved more time -- but how? No one has ever addressed this in any discussion. How, when Big Al had improved? How, when Millsap was slumping, but you had lost him once already this year by putting him on the bench early in the season?

4) Corbin and Raja argue in Philly and other guys are also griping. Corbin is holding the locker room and getting the team to the Playoffs. Who are you going to humiliate [to get Favors more minutes, including in the 4OT game], and what's the long-term impact of that?


1b_medium (I'm breaking this down into 1a and 1b today because they both have to do with the minutes of the young guys.)

Locke also said that Enes Kanter will get minutes this year if he's playing well enough and the Jazz have a chance to win with him on the floor, and Algonquin Briquet will get minutes if he's better than the guys ahead of him, "but no one's getting minutes because they want to 'develop,'* ok? Ty's not going to do it. It's not what the organization wants, and Ty wants to keep his job."

* Locke made air quotes when he said "develop."

Discuss further.

Locke on Paul Millsap's situation:

Millsap was the best player on the team last year, but no way he gets 30 minutes a night next year. He'll probably be a 25-28 minute guy next season, and likely coming off the bench if he's getting that many minutes. No fault of his own; just reality. If you're Paul's agent, you have to see this even if you love him and he had a great year last year. This leads to one of two conclusions:

1) You should take the extension the Jazz offered. It might be less money than what Millsap might be able to command on the open market, but it's the max the Jazz can offer and it's a nice commitment. As Millsap could be playing 24 minutes a night next year, he could end up only commanding only two years, $12 million on the market. Therefore, Millsap/Millsap's agent should take the extension on the fear that he might not get a lot of time this season, and his image around the league might become a backup or a backup tweener rather than a starter.

2) As long as Favors is with the Jazz, Paul will never be the starting PF. Therefore, regardless of whether it's the right move to take the extension, Paul will want to get out of Utah and play somewhere else where he can get more minutes.

Discuss some more.

Andrei Kirilenko Olympic mix:

Speaking of the Olympics: In 2008, Ricky Rubio and Patty Mills were the two players that I'd say caught the eyes and interest of NBA fans. Who, for you, was the non-NBA, up-and-coming star of the 2012 Olympics?

Have you been injured in a car accident?

Are you a network administrator looking for a job?

Do you have experience managing databases with an emphasis on revenue generation?

Are you in possession of a "Bachelor’s degree or work experience can be substituted for education" while also having creativity and a good sense of humor?

If so, the Utah Jazz is hiring. (H/T @theutahjazzblog)

Karl Malone and John Stockton, best duo in the history of the world, no the galaxy, no the universe.

Open poll: Who is the second best duo in Utah Jazz history?

You don't have to pick players. It could be any two figures, e.g.:

--Jerry Sloan and Phil Johnson;
--Larry and Gail Miller;
--Big Al and Kanter;
--Derrick and Favors (not a typo);
--Randy Rigby and his imaginary friend, Candy;
--Bolerjack and Harpring...

...wait, let's also cast votes for the worst duo in team history.