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Cult Classics: The Amazing Hops and Hustle of Ronnie Price

If you were looking for the single common characteristic for most of these Cult Classics, it would probably be energy. The vast majority of these players would invariably be described as "energy guys" and that makes sense for a fan favorite. These are the guys that were great teammates that could change a game by diving for loose balls or playing some scrappy defense, even if they weren't the most talented players on their teams.

--SB Nation

(in Chandler Bing voice) Could this be anymore of a description of Ronnie Price?

What makes Ronnie P. a cult classic?

Funnily enough, his cult classic status as a Jazzman starts with a play when he wasn't even a Jazzman. Y'all know exactly what I'm talking about:

As the Jazz are in the habit of signing players that have one good game against us, the play above was likely the one that brought Ronnie P. to Utah, where he continued to thrill with plays like this:

And this:

And one of my favorite Jazz plays, ever:

Great locker room guy. Always had his teammates' backs. Hustle and grit. Hated the Lakers and said so publicly. Ronnie Price, Utah Jazz cult classic.