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Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski announces Serge Ibaka signs extension with Thunder, another PF gets paid

Serge Ibaka is a huge part of what the Oklahoma City Thunder are doing. He's not that big a part of what Team Spain is doing. But still, he's 1st team All-NBA Defense, an impact starter, silver medalist, and near All Star. (Really, the Thunder are one Chinese player on the roster away from making Serge Ibaka an All-Star) Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!Sports dropped this info late last night:

For those keeping tabs at home . . . that means he's getting $12 million per year. Why am I even bringing ANY of this up? Because we're trying to figure out the market value for our own Paul Millsap, and we're doing this with TABLES!

Wooo! money!!

Player Team Total Salary Years Yearly Salary
Brook Lopez BKN $61,000,000 4 $15,250,000
Roy Hibbert IND $58,265,563 4 $14,566,391
Kevin Garnett BOS $36,010,000 3 $12,003,333
Serge Ibaka OKC $48,000,000 4 $12,000,000
Kris Humphries BKN $24,000,000 2 $12,000,000
Nicolas Batum POR $45,000,000 4 $11,250,000
JaVale McGee DEN $44,000,000 4 $11,000,000
Tim Duncan SAS $30,000,000 3 $10,000,000
Gerald Wallace BKN $40,000,000 4 $10,000,000
Andrei Kirilenko MIN $19,998,769 2 $9,999,385
Ryan Anderson NOR $34,000,000 4 $8,500,000
Omer Asik HOU $25,123,938 3 $8,374,646
Millsap Extension UTA $25,000,000 3 $8,333,333
Ersan Ilyasova MIL $40,000,000 5 $8,000,000
Chris Kaman DAL $8,000,000 1 $8,000,000
Spencer Hawes PHI $13,000,000 2 $6,500,000
Brandon Bass BOS $19,350,000 3 $6,450,000
Michael Beasley PHX $18,000,000 3 $6,000,000
Robin Lopez NOR $15,359,283 3 $5,119,761
Boris Diaw SAS $9,190,000 2 $4,595,000
Luis Scola PHX $13,500,000 3 $4,500,000
Marcus Camby NYK $13,151,319 3 $4,383,773
Marreese Speights MEM $8,715,000 2 $4,357,500
Ian Mahinmi IND $16,000,000 4 $4,000,000
Carl Landry GSW $8,000,000 2 $4,000,000

The extension that was reported to be turned down by Paul Millsap would net him the type of money that would mean he's either taking a huge pay cut, or from Turkey (where Asik and Ilyasova are from). Sap is clearly capable of making more money, even in an off-season where he comes off the bench and doesn't average a lot of minutes. NBA office will see that it's his role, not the quality of the player that has diminished. Other places can offer him a chance to start. Moving forward we cannot. No whiny YouTube video a la "Leave the Jazz front office aallooonnneee" is going to change that fact.

As an aside, I really thought we had a lock out because GMs were giving people dumb contracts. Brook Lopez making $15m is a sin. And our society deserves a retributive act of God because of that sin.

Swooping in to slam back my missed shot is PJN:

Thanks Peter, you are becoming an increasingly invaluable help to me!