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The Whole Lotta Favors Edition - The Downbeat #808

Its quite obvious that I love Derrick Favors. Its been a long time since I have felt so much attachment to a player. I didn't think I could love Favors anymore than I did, like literally I didn't think that was possible. Silly Diana though, I should know by now that love has no limits and can continue to grow and grow. Derrick Favors seems like he's a shy kid, though I found towards the end of the season, he was really comfortable in interviews, and he was really confident. I loved being involved with his interviews. It seemed to me like he really knew who he was come season end.

Yesterday Derrick Favors while driving to Moab was kind enough to participate in a Twitter chat with fans. Amar wrote about it in a post yesterday.

Highlights of his chat for me were:

  • Fan asking if Favors can see himself as a Tim Duncan type player being a one team player for his career. Favors responded with a "Yes I can"
  • Favors saying he will stay in Utah "As long as they keep me"
There were also cute Derrick Favors type answers like answering, "Do you like chocolate milk" (yes he does) and what his favorite to place to eat in Salt Lake (besides Subway) is Chili's :)

Please please Jazz keep this player forever. We will all owe you big time, please please keep Favors forever.
What were your favorite answers from Favors, what would ask him if you had the chance?
What would you like to see Favors learn from Malone?

Do you know who else I love?

(Courtesy of Moni from her wonderful blog)

Its weird how Favors and Kanter almost feel like old timers on our team with all the changes we have had. I hope we get a chance to really get to know these two young bigs.

Out of curiosity I wanted to see how Favors did against Duncan in the playoffs.


(Click to enlarge)

Things of note

  • Duncan played more minutes than Favors 3 out of the 4 games
  • The last two games Favors dominated Duncan from the line 22 attempts for Favors compared to 7 attempts to Duncan. I remember so vividly Carlos Boozer unable to get to the line against the Spurs, and well same for Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap. So good for Favors!
  • When Favors got decent minutes he out-rebounded Duncan
  • Tim Duncan's FGA's were pretty consistent, Favors were not.
I was trying to think of who to compare Enes (I compared Duncan and Favors since Favors really shined in the playoffs and well since in the chat someone ask Favors if he wanted to be like Duncan)

I thought of Enes playing so well against the Lakers. Enes has played the Lakers three times and won two of those games. His head to head with Bynum is not super interesting though when Enes did get minutes he was efficient shooting 6-of-7 from the floor. (Boozer/Memo never did that)

So Enes gives us wins against the Lakers and Favors plays well against the Spurs. I like our future :)

Edit: Diana got fooled she is usually so careful to not get fooled.


Yay we love Gordon Hayward at SLC Dunk. We know that he wouldn't waste his time on something like facebook nor "Like" the Lakers because they are the Evil Empire.

Gordon Hayward is a Laker Killer not a Laker Lover!!!

He is no respecter of persons super star or not

He is our Precious, we waited for Gordon for over 10 years!!

Gordon is the best!

Marvin Williams is being initiated into the Jazz this week. Marvin is currently in Santa Barbara at P3 working on his game.

P3 posted this video on twitter yesterday of Marvin:

(Sorry I couldn't get it to embed for some reason)

Yay for Marvin Williams!

I love everything about that commercial. I loved the NBA on NBC. Friends is my favorite show of all time and John Stockton is my favorite player of all time!