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Nets Deron Williams cover athlete for NBA Game. Will a Jazz player ever have the honor?

With all due reverence to former Utah Jazz point guard Raul Lopez, who was the cover athlete for one of EA Sports' NBA Live games (albeit the regional Spanish version) . . . the Brooklyn Nets Deron Williams is going to be the cover athlete for NBA Baller Beats. So, congrats to him.


I'm not making this up.

It's apparently not much of an NBA game though. It's a rhythm game (think: Guitar Hero) where you dribble a ball in a certain pattern in order to score points. You use a real ball, and this uses 'state of the art' technology with the Xbox 360's Kinect peripheral. So, I guess that's cool. The game seems very unfun.

You may not be big into video games, but you are big into the Jazz. Which current Jazz player could ever, one day, be the cover athlete for a game? Would it even BE an NBA game? What about former players? Let's brain storm some crazy ideas!

I'll start:

  • John Stockton's diaper change challenge (Nintendo Wii>
  • Greg Ostertag Fitness (Playstation Move)
  • John Deere Presents: Jerry Sloan's farm simulator (TANDY, IBM Clone, or worse. Dos 3.0)
  • Enes Kanter in "Turkish Delight" Dating Simulator (PS2)
  • "Karl Malone say this here game be Karl Malone shootin at critters" (full title, arcade cabinet game)
  • "Karl Malone sequel game sometime critters be aliens what up to no good. Maybe on Mars." (full title, arcade cabinet game mostly at truck stops)
  • Morris Almond's NBA D-League 2k7 (all systems, there is only a shoot button)
  • Sittin' on the bench, with Kyrylo Fesenko (Japanese style 8-Bit RPG, mobile phones only)
  • Escape Utah City Text Adventure with Andrei Kirilenko (no graphics, written commands, 'play defense', 'play defense Boozer's man', 'play defense Fisher's man', 'get ye flask')