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The True or False Edition - The Downbeat #823



More from the article :

"He is a great talent and we miss him a lot. He decided not to join us but honestly, he needs us more than we need him."

So the coach doesn't think much of Ty:

There are just three or four coaches who have been there for 100 years, making billions and winning trophies. Others are weak. Including (Utah Jazz head coach) Tyrone Corbin.

On Kanter's role:

Kanter has forgotten how to play basketball. He will never be a center but he always starts with his back to the basket. As a power forward, this would be devastating.

Zach Lowe from SI had this to say about Kanter's role model for his back to the basket play:

Utah’s Jefferson had the lowest turnover rate in the post of all qualifying players last season and the third lowest two seasons ago. (He also finished 10th in points per possession last season, one spot ahead of James.) The 27-year-old center rarely gets to the foul line, and though he improved his passing last season, he’s not exactly Vlade Divac finding cutters. But he’s a decent shooter from the block with a bunch of go-to moves and perhaps the league’s trickiest pump fake, and, like Davis, he’s a reminder that turnover avoidance is a skill. The joke on Jefferson, the Nick Young of the low block, is that it’s hard to turn the ball over when you don’t try passing it and typically shoot a split second after receiving it, but those things are (just a little) less true of Jefferson now than they once were.

Interesting and some positive thoughts about Al Jefferson. So with Al's low turn overrate and improved passing how do you think the Jazz should use him that isn't just dump it into Al and watch him go to work? We have a lot of talent on his team and with a full training camp and practices I imagine Ty has something more creative and effective than what we saw last year.

TRUE OR FALSE: the Jazz will use Al differently on offensive this season than last year?

TRUE OR FALSE: You want an NBA experience and not just be a season ticket holder:

Granger said that he expects the idea of the season ticket to change in the coming years, a topic that all the teams are meeting to discuss this week.

"We know we have to position season tickets differently," Granger said. "It is going to be less about buying 41 games and more about being part of a 12-month membership that gives you different access and experiences in and around your area."

I wonder what the Utah Jazz 12 -month membership would look like?

tickets to the Bees, the Miller Motorsport Park, movie tickets?

What would you want to see in your 12-month membership to the Utah Jazz?

TRUE OR FALSE: The NBA has competitive balance

Some really interesting thoughts from

In truth, competitive balance (by a definition of variety of contenders) is pretty easy to predict I believe:
-NHL = hard cap, lots of players, fairly random outcomes to a single game = GREAT competitive balance
- NFL = hard cap, tons of players, 16game season, single game elimination = GREAT competitive balance
- MLB = no salary cap, lots of players, fairly random single game outcome = MODERATE balance
- NBA = soft salary cap, few players, predictable best of seven series = MODERATE to LOW balance
- EPL = no salary cap, no draft (relegation instead!), quite a few players, no playoffs = BAD balance

The article is great, it breaks down the numbers of number of champsions, top 4 finishes, top 8 finishes etc in each league. I won't talk about it to much because I think Yucca will write a post on it.

Just interesting, though the NBA with the least competitive balance out of the four major sports in the U.S. I always thought it was but never had the numbers to back my thoughts.

TRUE OR FALSE: We will miss Prodigy's (Memo is Money) youtube videos


My favorite Memo highlight from Memo is Money;

I will miss both Memos :)