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The World Travel Edition - The Downbeat - #824

Where do you sit in the "old point guard vs. young point guard" debate?

We have Mo Williams as our #1 point guard right now, AND two older point guards behind him, AND Kevin O'Connor and Mo both hope he retires a Jazzman, AND Randy Foye may get some time at the backup point, so this is more of a rhetorical question at this point.

There is, of course, merit to both sides of the argument when you have numerous young players on the team, and these young players happen to constitute your future. Do you want a young point guard to grow with the young guys, so that you have the future of your squad all growing up together, or do you want an older, more experienced point guard to lead the team and get the kids into the offense when they are still learning and lack experience?

[inspired by a conversation with SurlyMae a while back] We've done player name anagrams and brainstormed better nicknames for our players. How about player slogans?

** Say Yes to Enes
** Pave the Way for Fave
** Forward and Onward with Hayward
** Good Heavens, Play Evans
** Burks Works
** Uncork Borks / Don't Stick a Fork in Borks (He's Not Done Yet)
** Murphy is Smurfy
** Millsap's Mansap Thrillsaps
** Al is Our Pal
** (from Shums) The KOOF is the TROOF

Give us your best in the comment section. Bonus points for slogans using Borks, Burkles, Burkina Faso, Bricks, Briquet, Birkenstock, etc. In the spirit of light and positivity, let's try sticking with happy, positive, cheery slogans.

Does Andre Iguodala going to Denver change your previous predictions for how the Northwest Division will shake out? Where do you predict the Jazz will finish in the division now? I'd say Iggy-to-Denver is the biggest "impact move" in the division this offseason thus far, although the Jazz and Timberwolves have had more active offseasons.

Consider this the "getting to know you" portion of the DB, in which we get to know our fellow Dunkers a little bit better, one question at a time, as we continue waiting for the interminable off-season to come to a blessed end.

What are the top three places/countries you want to visit, but haven't yet had the opportunity?

Secondly, what is the one place or country you would wholeheartedly recommend to a friend looking to travel?

Be sure to check out BBJ's newest endeavor.

Poll for gas station attendants only: