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Utah Jazz 2012-13 Minutes Distribution: Part 3 -- Focusing on Wings

Minutes Distribution: Part 1 -- Part 2

Part 3 -- Focusing on Wings

The Wing problem:

Well, we have a number of players on the team right now that probably would Loo-ooove to get playing time in the NBA. It's not as bad as the point guard problems for two big reasons. The first is that there are twice as many possible minutes to be distributed. And the second is that 100% of the wings aren't in contract years (which is the case for the point guards). Still, it's not going to be easy to figure this out. There are three guys who could start, and two spots. Furthermore, there a guy from the PG camp who will need to get some playing time here as well. And so far we haven't even talked about giving Kevin Murphy minutes . . . sheesh


The Wings:

  • Raja Bell (36.12 yrs old on Oct 31st, 32.1 mpg over last 5 seasons) -- in his mind he's still a starter. That's a problem. I hope we figure out a buy-out for him, it would really avoid a lot of unpleasantness.
  • Marvin Williams (26.37 yrs old on Oct 31st, 31.1 mpg over last 5 seasons) -- Marvin is in his peak right now, and hopefully he'll have an amazing season here. I really think he'll get every opportunity to prove himself.
  • Gordon Hayward (22.61 yrs old on Oct 31st, 23.4 mpg over last 5 seasons) -- The Precious will get playing time. He's only going to get better and better, and I hope he gets a bigger and bigger role with our team.
  • Alec Burks (21.28 yrs old on Oct 31st, 15.9 mpg over last 5 seasons) -- Flat out -- if he averages less than 20 mpg this year I'm going to have to set myself on fire in protest like a Buddhist monk. That's really going to suck if that happens though. No, not just the fire thing -- I don't have Buddhist monk training, I'm really going to take that poorly. But I mean it's going to suck for THE UTAH JAZZ if Alec Burks plays less than 20 mpg next year.
  • DeMarre Carroll (26.27 yrs old on Oct 31st, 11.1 mpg over last 5 seasons) -- Yes, remember this hustle guy? He started for us during our "Actual for realisies Playoff Push" last year. And now, well, now he's like our 4th wing player. What a difference a season makes. If DeMarre works hard he will demand floor minutes, and our coaches should reward that. He's one of the few people who can be on the floor and not demand touches right now. And he's one of the few people who played hard in the 4th quarter of that elimination game months ago. I haven't forgotten.
  • Kevin Murphy (22.65 yrs old on Oct 31st, rookie season) -- last and yes, sadly, also least we have our rookie Kevin Murphy. It will take the luck of the Irish for him to get significant playing time this season. In college he was the alpha dog, here he's just a pup. He played like a volume scorer in the summer league, and not really a marksman. It's going to be hard to get him on the floor

And lets not forget that Randy Foye factors into all of this too.


Their 5 season trends:


Raja Bell needs to take a long trip to the injury reserve. His MPG has gone down every year, but in his mind he probably thinks he can give a team 30 mpg. Well, technically he can. Sadly, that team is Beşiktaş. Marvin has taken a smaller and smaller role each season as well. If he could be happy with playing less than 30 mpg that would be amazing -- that said, in my mind at least -- he's still a guy who can be useful for 30 mpg or more if need be. Gordon played over 30 mpg last season, and he only will require more and more. Alec played very little, but he needs to play half the game this year at the very least. (Which is kinda how much PT Randy Foye wants as well.) DeMarre is an energy guy but he needs to be on the court for sure. Kevin . . . man . . . I don't even know if the Jazz have a Developmental League team anymore. I feel sorry for you man.


My interpretation of where their MPG baselines have to start:

  • Raja Bell, man, forget you.
  • Marvin's baseline needs to be 28-29 mpg, but most likely will be higher because he's in his peak right now
  • Gordon -- 34 mpg AT LEAST
  • Alec -- 24 mpg AT LEAST
  • I don't think I need to go into any details about those two dudes, right?
  • DeMarre . . . he's had an up and down career, but he's effective and plays hard when he is on the floor. So we should try to get him on the floor . . . maybe 5-6 mins in the first half, and 5-6 mins in the second? 10-12 MPG too much?
  • Kevin Murphy? No comment.