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New Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey should listen to Peter J Novak at

[Ed. Peter wrote this!] Earlier this month Peter J Novak wrote a post that Spencer, the main man at posted. This post was a five point list of what to expect from Utah Jazz fans, and some of our concerns. You probably read this already, but it's good to read this again now that the dust has settled . . .

Here's a little snippit of Peter's post:

#1 Acquire a Future Point Guard: Jazz fans love our point guards. We’ve been spoiled. For 28 out of the past 31 NBA seasons the Jazz have been guided by either Rickey Green, John Stockton or Deron Williams. All of these point guards have had all-star caliber careers and one of which is the greatest pure point guard of all time (Off-Topic : by adding the word "pure" it takes Magic Johnson out of the conversation). Since Deron Williams was traded, the Jazz have yet to fill the void. We thought Devin Harris might be that guy. He had an all-star year previously for the Nets, but he was not the right fit in Utah. O’Connor has brought back Mo Williams to try to fill the spot, but Mo is coming off the worse season of his career. A season in which Mo was not a starter not to mention that he will be turning 30 later this year.

The Jazz need a young point guard to groom with our Core Four (Off-Topic: "Core Four" is our catchy/corny little nickname we’ve come up with to refer to Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks. Off-Off-Topic: if you trade one of those four guys you may have some crazy Jazz fan threaten to cut you with a knife). The average age of the Core Four is 21 years old. Regardless of how well Mo Williams plays next year, he will be long retired once the Core Four hits its prime.

There are some people who may argue that an elite point guard is no longer needed to win in the NBA. LeBron James didn’t have one last year. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never played with one. Regardless, the Jazz fans need one. It is kind of our thing. We like to see unselfish guard play set up the rest of our team. So we beg of you, please trade for a point guard we can peg our future to. Or please sign one. Or at the very least please be seen in college arenas this year scouting out top college point guard prospects.

I find that it IS important to re-read posts, and this is one of my favorite posts in Jazzlandia this off-season. Check it out at !