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ESPN's NBA Player rankings indicate that they don't think much about our scrubs

You may or may not have noticed, but the ESPN NBA dudes are ranking every player in the NBA. And, well, because it's ESPN they don't think too highly of the Utah Jazz. (Honestly, are we even going to get a dude in the Top 30?) Here's a list of the people you may care about if you've been following our team for a while . . . and their ranking.

Rank Player Score Comment
302 Nazr Mohammed 3.29 We drafted this guy, prob could have helped us defend the inside during end of John and Karl
305 Jimmer Fredette 3.28 Somehow ranked in the 300s
310 Raja Bell 3.25 Drops down from #265 last year
319 DeShawn Stevenson 3.16 Man, it was years ago when we drafted him
322 Earl Watson 3.12 That just sucks that Raja is ranked higher than you
327 Kyrylo Fesenko 3.09 Great comment on him from David J Smith
342 Jeremy Evans 2.93 He's up nearly 100 spots!
347 Jamaal Tinsley 2.91 Another comment by David J Smith!
357 Sasha Pavlovic 2.86 Man, expansion drafts really rob us of great players
373 Ronnie Price 2.76 Wow, was in the 200s last season, big drop
380 DeMarre Carroll 2.72 Wasn't ranked last time
408 Sundiata Gaines 2.52 I'll never forget that shot
483 Kevin Murphy 1.85 Our 3rd #47 pick in the 2000s can be a sleeper
492 Tadija Dragicevic 1.63 It serves me right for learning how to spell his name correctly, then we trade him
494 Blake Ahearn 1.59 He's #3 on the All-Stake team, though
498 Shan Foster 1.47 One day he'll make it . . . One day . . .

For the record, their ranking doesn't mean anything. This is just supposed to be fun. I personally can't wait for the season to start. This off-season is getting pretty boring right now. But, are WE over-valuing our scrubs? Our scrubs hit game winners, make fun songs, and act crazy. How can we NOT love them?