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Utah Jazz Player and Extended Family Milestones to watch for this season

The Jazz have a younger core of players, many of whom are still on the green side of 25. That said, according to the Utah Jazz (and extended family) have a number of individual player milestones to look forward to this year.

Points . Assists
Name Milestone Needs Name Milestone Needs
Carlos Boozer 11000 183 Deron Williams 5000 363
Earl Watson 4000 347
Blocks Mo Williams 3000 138
Name Milestone Needs Devin Harris 3000 271
Andrei Kirilenko 1400 20 Andrei Kirilenko 2000 81
Al Jefferson 800 39 Carlos Arroyo 2000 239
Mehmet Okur 500 47 Carlos Boozer 2000 464
Steals Rebounds
Name Milestone Needs Name Milestone Needs
Andrei Kirilenko 1000 40 Al Jefferson 5000 92
Ronnie Brewer 600 27 Andrei Kirilenko 4000 164
Mo Williams 600 40 Josh Howard 3000 150
Raja Bell 500 16 Kris Humphries 3000 300
Marvin Williams 3000 418

Oh, and you may have noticed Andrei's name a lot on this list, yeah, he's a very special player. I think I mentioned it before but he's on the threshold of joining the super elite 4,000+ rebounds / 2,000+ assists / 1,400+ blocks / 1,000+ steals group. That group currently only has seven whole members in the history of the NBA. Five of them are already Hall of Famers: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Robert Parish. One of them is a lock for the Hall, Kevin Garnett. The last is probably going to make the Hall as a solid NBA European player and international contributor to the advancement of the game in Vlade Divac. AK could be an outside shot as well down the line for similar reasons.