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Jazz Villains - Who do you boo?


First of all, a Jazz Villain is not the same thing as a Jazz Killer. A Jazz Killer is a guy who routinely has good games against us, which results in the Utah Jazz losing. A Jazz Villain is someone else. He is a guy who harries our team, says dumb stuff, does things on the court that are beyond basketball, and becomes more of a sideshow than an actual effective force that makes us lose games.

I think Dennis Rodman was a Jazz Villain. He said stuff about the LDS fans, acted up, and while he did not help his team win, he did make it about him. Another example would be the Sacramento Kings version of Ron Artest. We've all seen that video . . . . you know . . . this one.

DeMarcus Cousins became a Jazz Villain this past season with his antics, comments, and extra tough-guy play of fouling point guards.

Who else is on your list? (Historically or recently) Who do you boo?