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Jazz 3 on 3 Teams - Voting Results

Over the last few days we all got a chance to vote on a hypothetical Utah Jazz 3 on 3 team, for a hypothetical 3 on 3 tournament against the other 29 NBA teams. Despite the obvious need for a four man roster, the rules were to have only three players. I divided this voting up by 1st place votes (worth 3 points), 2nd place votes (worth 2), and 3rd place votes (worth 1). The votes were counted, adjusted, and the total points were calculated. And well, about 2,300 total points were tabulated in and the results were somewhat surprising . . .


. . . if anything, we know that the fans here don't think the same way that our team coaches do. The top vote getters were Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, and Alec Burks. A four man team adds the super versatile and clutch Paul Millsap to this young core. That said, in the way of the Jazz -- our young guys would only be allowed to go and represent our franchise in the tournament if they were able to go over the "vet choice" first.

Later on today watch out for breakdowns for the Youth Team (Favors, Hayward, and Burks) -- and the Vet Team (I know who's on it . . . check back to see who they are!). You'll get a chance to vote there too!