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SBN's Tom Ziller Ranks the Top 50 NBA 2013 Free Agents - Guess where the Jazz players rank

Tom Ziller, one of the head honcos at the SBN NBA site ranked the Top 50 NBA Free Agents in 2013. He split it up into a few parts -- and beyond what I do, he actually goes deep and specifically talks about each player. You can check it all out here: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, and 41-50 here. Of course, I just put the full list in table form.


Too small? Click here.

My questions are: are our guys ranked accurately? (DeMar above Millsap?) Too high? Too low? What about our former players? Do we over-rank them, or are they actually in the Bottom 25 of this Top 50 list? Lastly, who would you want to bring back? Korver? Brewer?

N.B. I know how to spell Daequan Cook's name, I just don't know how to type!