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Utah Jazz announce new General Manager Dennis Lindsey

Today the Utah Jazz brain trust held a press conference to introduce Dennis Lindsey, our new General Manager. He'll be a great addition to our brain trust, and I think that he will bring in a number of good hires under him, and help bring our team more in line with where the league is going. (Hello Sloan Sports Conf?) There were so many great tid-bits of information from his presser and Q & A. I love that Kevin O'Connor (VP KOC) now moves to a more 'shadow-y' role where he still does his job, but outside of the day to day grind that was not his forte. He's still a huge part of this team, but will not be looking over the shoulder of Dennis (GM DL). That said, you may be confused as to how this all shakes out in terms of who is in control of what. Well, I did the work for you and made this crude totem pole of our beloved Utah Jazz franchise.


Please everyone don't sue me. I have no money.

Why did I even show up to work today?


Click Here for the full version!!!

And yes, this is all in good fun, but all of these people are real awesome members of the Utah Jazz family, and people I am proud to support and root for. Except "Steve", I'm pretty sure that's not even his real name.