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Utah Jazz 2012-13 Preview - Part 3: Top 10 Reasons to be excited about the 2012-13 Utah Jazz

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I'm starting to get a little restless . . . . so here are 10 reasons to be excited about the 2012-13 Utah Jazz:

  1. Retro Uniforms from the Golden Age of Jazz Basketball

  2. Jeremy Evans’ activity near the rim on offense *and* defense

  3. A very low chance we’ll ever see Raja Bell and Josh Howard both start for the Jazz at the same time again

  4. Our front office is making all the right moves, not to make the best individual moves, but to make the best moves for parts that fit together and will grow together.

  5. We have a bunch of Tier II, Tier III, and Tier VII three point shooters now

  6. We’re going to see the most efficient and smartly used Marvin Williams of his career, in the Flex offense, and moved on from the weight of being the #2 draft pick in 2005.

  7. A full off-season, full training camp, full pre-season, and season long practices are going to make our team smarter, better, more familiar with one another, and ultimately better prepared to win games.

  8. Seeing our C4 guys out on the court together

  9. The Utah Jazz actually have non-ancient, athletic, capable defenders at every spot on the floor for the first time since . . . ever in franchise history.

  10. The light bulb going off over Derrick Favors’ head letting him figure out that he’s the strongest, most athletic guy on the floor – and dominating whomever is playing against him

Hey Jazz fans - what are some of your reasons to be excited? Add them in the comments section!