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Rumored NBA Trade: Lakers, Magic, Nuggets 76ers swap parts; Dwight goes to LAL

If you follow the internet after hours you'll see some big NBA types tweeting this trade as a done deal. Apparently some teams don't stop making movies after business hours are over . . .

Los Angeles Lakers . Orlando Magic . Denver Nuggets . Philadelphia 76ers
Dwight Howard ORL Arron Afflalo DEN Andre Iguodala PHI Andrew Bynum LAL
Al Harrington DEN Jason Richardson ORL
Nikola Vucevic PHI
Moe Harkless PHI
1st Rnd Pick
1st Rnd Pick
1st Rnd Pick

. . . welp. Kinda think the Utah Jazz could have given Orlando a better offer than what they're getting. But hey, no chance Dwight would re-sign with us.