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NBA 2K13 Trailer is out - guess which Jazz player(s) are featured, it may surprise you!

If you know anything about the video game industry you know that they push out sports game every season, even if they aren't ready for release. And if you know anything about my busy schedule, you know I buy them every year and never get to play them. September is usually the month where I try to get as many achievements / trophies in the game I currently own in the run up for the next game I'm going to buy (and also not have time for).

The game to get this year seems to be 2K Games' NBA 2K13. Here's the trailer . . .

Yes, you saw that right - previously the Utah Jazz only were seen playing on defense / getting dunked on. This year? The official trailer has Gordon Hayward passing it to Paul Millsap for an and-one layup. The guys they feature in these games are always the best guys in the game. They show Blake Griffin dunking, Ray Allen shooting, and so forth. Can we read anything into this and hope that Millsap and Hayward will be getting bumps in their ratings?

Not everyone plays video games, but I hope enough of us pick this up on October 2nd this year so we can have an SLC Dunk franchise league for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Sign up in the comments section!