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Quick Poll: Which Franchise is our biggest rival?

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Did you know that I still exist as a 'throwback' fan who just flat out HATES other teams? I know with twitter and blogging I've gotten a chance to meet and communicate with other fans of other teams on a daily basis. But, you know . . . I'm still prejudiced like that. I take rivalries seriously. There are just some teams I hate more than others. And I suspect some of you Jazz fans do as well.

For me it's all about winning in the playoffs. Making the playoffs to get spanked is as good as missing the playoffs in my book. (It's not a popular book) And the teams that have sent us home have a special place in my black black heart. Similarly, the teams we seem to have battled in the playoffs with a number of times have earned my grudging hatred as well. Yes Houston, we've beaten you way more than you've beaten us - but you earned my hate.

: )

Which franchise is our biggest rival?